New Beginnings

Jul 30
hello karen

Hey everyone! I just wanted to officially add that I have restarted blogging over at hellokaren.co where I share the same content of beauty and lifestyle plus some blogging tips. Be sure to head over to the new site to keep up to date!




4 Essential Beauty Items

Jul 24
Beauty Haul

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This month has been about picking out beauty items that are essential for everyday. Lately I have been into neutral looks with pops of highlight. This is not the ideal look for this time of year but has definitely been my go to look.

So I would like to share with 4 essential beauty items that I have been rocking this month. What I love about each item is the versatility of each product to suit anyones needs.

MAC Warm Neutral Palette – 15 palette of warm eye shadows that range from matte to semi-shimmery. The warm palette suits the various shades of women of color can be easily played down for work or up for a evening out.

MAC Mineralize Charged Water – This has been my go to primer before applying foundation. The light weight moisture that is associated with this product helps to tame the oil that I get during the hot summer heat. Its also great to refresh my face when I am feeling overly hot.

Kat Von D – Liquid lipstick in the color Lolita which is a gorgeous chocolate matte brown shade. It applies easy and lasts a long time. I am definitely going to pick up some more colors!

Becca Cosmetics – Champagne Pop by Jacyln Hill launched this month and I was about to order it through Sephora using ebates.com and saving some money. This is a gorgeous gold highlight that works on a variety of skin tones. A little bit goes a long way and its definitely worth the hype.


Guess Who’s Back

Jul 22
Sorry I have Been Away

Guess Who’s Back hi my loves, hopefully you are all still there. I know I left blogging with no warning or memo and I apologize for that. This is the longest break I have ever taken with no posts. So let me tell you all whats been happening.

Well I think the biggest reason why I took a break is that I wasn’t quite sure what direction I wanted Miss Karen XO to go. When I first started blogging back in 2010 as The May Issue, the space I wanted to create was a platform where I could share my love for all things beauty. As I started blogging and meeting other bloggers with the same interest my goals started to shift. Eventually I wanted to become a professional blogger and not just a hobby blogger.

During that that time I did a lot of comparing which added a lot to my self doubt. Which brought up thoughts of “Do I have what it takes?” “Will people care about what I have to say?”

These thoughts have been constantly playing in the back of my mind even up to the transition as Miss Karen XO. Instead of just writing posts about whatever was interesting to me at the time. I felt that in order to honor myself and my readers I needed to “get my ish together!”

So I took some time away to find what I truly enjoyed and could talk about consistently and the answer I discovered was beauty specifically in the area of makeup. Makeup is apart of my everyday life and I never ever get tired of learning more about it. Its fun, exciting, relaxing and diverse.

Of course that was not what I was exclusively doing while I was away. Here are some things took up my extra time.

  • Defining my niche.
  • Web Design and Web Development.
    • Photoshop
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • UX/UI Design
  • Marketing Strategies.
  • Social Media Management.

Those are some of the things that I have been working on since the beginning of the year. Blogging about beauty has opened my eyes to other interests in the industry. As a way to make my own site better and also enhance my own skills I decided to invest in myself. I also would like to share any knowledge I gain about blogging with you all. So if you are interested let me know.

What can you expect as a reader? Definitely beauty related content focused on women of color and lifestyle posts.

QUESTION: As a reader what would you like to see on Miss Karen XO?

Stay tuned for more content! Talk to you soon!


Fashionable iPhone Wallpapers

May 29
Favorite iPhone Wallpaper

Rockin cute wallpaper on your fun is a must and it can be motivating. So check out these fashionable iPhone wallpapers that I found on Pinterest. They are fun and vibrant and of course anything involving Chanel is fabulous.


Link to Image


Link to Image

chanel clouds wallpaper

Link to Image

chanel lipstick wallpaper

Link to Image

Pinterest has some fabulous wallpaper or just inspiring designs when you want something fun for your phone. I highly recommend checking these images out on your phone itself. It will be easier to download. Also if you are in the Pinterest app at the top there are 3 dots click on it and a prompt should pop up on your phone with the option to “Save to Camera Roll.” (iPhone users)

Let me know what cute designs you download.


China Glaze Gelaze Shocking Pink

May 27
China Glaze Gelaze Shocking Pink

I first discovered the China Glaze Gelaze Shocking Pink nail polishe at Sally’s Beauty Supply. The regular China Glaze polishes are some of my favorite polishes especially their neons. There are good mix of colors in the Gelaze line and some favorites are even cross overs into the gel line such as For Audrey.

Whats unique about China Glaze’s Gelaze is that you do not need a base coat. Just apply the gel color you like and then a top coat and you are set. This cuts down on the time needed to apply gel polish.

Summer inspires bright colors so Shocking Pink is a great color. The Gelaze formula works really well on my nails and has helped me rock my natural nails until they grow out from having acrylics. So far I have not experienced tip wear or chipping.

The retail price for colors in this line are $9.99 but!!!! if you wait for Sally’s Beauty deals you can get do the buy 2 get 1 free deal or use one of your coupons.

What are some of your favorite gel polishes, list them below as I would love to check them out!

Beauty Makeup Products

BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend Set

May 25
BH Cosmetics Blend and Sculpt Set

BH Cosmetics has a variety of brush sets for different uses. As an affordable alternative the Sculpt and Blend Set caught my attention. The hairs on the brushes looked soft and the quality of the handles looked pretty good. I am usually hesitant on trying out brushes that I can not test out but for the price I took a chance.

So the brush set comes with 10 brushes (5 larger brushes and 5 smaller brushes). The variety of sizes makes this set great for contour multiple areas of your face. The smaller brushes can be used for contour your nose area also they are good for applying shadow or primer. The larger brushes can be used to apply foundation either cream or powder. Also if you need to contour your cheek bones there is a brush for that as well.

BH Cosmetics Blend and Sculpt Set

The hairs on this set are soft and not very dense. This is a good and bad thing, if you are like me you want your foundation brush to be more dense for better application. On the other hand if you are a beginner and need to get use to application this would be a great set for you to start off with.

Caring for this set has been pretty easy I just wash them with soap or my brush cleaner, so far very minimal shedding. Also I want to note that the handles on this brushes are shorter than a MAC or Sedona Lace brush set.

The price of these brushes changes depending on what promotion is being ran. It originally retails for $29.99 but definitely wait until there is a sale. Sold at BH Cosmetics.

Have you tried the BH Cosmetics 10 pcs. Sculpt and Blend Set what’s your experience?